torsdag 26 februari 2009

A Cup of


Today I visited a website with a logo I really really didn't like. So designed a new one just for fun.
Original is here :

måndag 16 februari 2009


Today my father asked me to create a logo for a thing called "Föreningen För Fest" or FFF which means like "The Party Group". He is a teacher and Föreningen För Fest is a group of teachers on his school that are responsible for all the teacher parties.

Anyhow, I said, I'll do it and from the beginning i was fascinated over the three F's. So here is what I come up with.
I haven't finished the text based part of it yet but I'm not sure how important that part is, because it is an inhouse target group only, so maybe I'll just stick with only this one, a trumpet based on three F's.

fredag 6 februari 2009

Max Headline

Sneak peak of another font we are working on. Every letter in this set is based on a creature in a painting or sculpture by the surrealism artist Max Ernst.

tisdag 3 februari 2009


And that's why I am doing some Bauhausing.

måndag 2 februari 2009

söndag 1 februari 2009

Ta det lugnt

This friday I was at a concert with a band called Dungen, it was the best concert i ages, truly awsome. And one of their best songs is called "Ta det lugnt", which means "Take it easy", and this is my tribute to Dungen.