måndag 16 februari 2009


Today my father asked me to create a logo for a thing called "Föreningen För Fest" or FFF which means like "The Party Group". He is a teacher and Föreningen För Fest is a group of teachers on his school that are responsible for all the teacher parties.

Anyhow, I said, I'll do it and from the beginning i was fascinated over the three F's. So here is what I come up with.
I haven't finished the text based part of it yet but I'm not sure how important that part is, because it is an inhouse target group only, so maybe I'll just stick with only this one, a trumpet based on three F's.

3 kommentarer:

estelafugaz sa...

i really think the idea of putting together the three FFF's creating the trumpet is simply great, the logo is really clean and simple and i think it fulfills its function. it's awesome, congrats!

Anonym sa...

NICE! Good work fellas'!!

Typefacebook Thinks sa...

Thank you, thank you so much.

Estela, what an awesome place to live!